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Newton's third law of motion (experiments)

05 Oct 2010

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How can I explain Newton's third law (that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction) in a simple demonstration?

We recommend using the search engine dogpile to find some good websites. Dogpile searches using 'natural language' so you can just type your question into the search box.

HOT TIP: Dogpile suggests other possible searches to try under Are you looking for? (on the right hand side of the page). Sometimes this is great for narrowing down or expanding your topic if you are not finding what you want. When looking at your results list, try to avoid the links which say "sponsored link". These are usually trying to make money or sell you something. They may have some useful info, but try other websites first.

Try the keywords demonstrate Newton's third law. There are lots of options but we quite liked Swift's Newton's 3rd law site.

One of the sites we often use for science-type questions is How Stuff Works - and they have a whole section on Newton's laws.

HOT TIP: Check out our ManyAnswers entry on Science Fair Projects for more great links!

Use a search engine? Thats your answer? Sheesh
don, hard knocks

Hi Don - because websites change so much, it is difficult to recommend specific sites.
Instead, we try and give hints on becoming better internet searchers.
Annie, AnyQuestions

Or you could just copy and paste the experiment, but hey advertisements work I guess

do a balloon rocket lab its fun i did iit at my school
alex, southern middle

A search engine that is what u say we go to ? That IS NOT HELPFUL AT ALL THXS 4nothing
Rj, Riely street

Hi Rj - try the websites we recommend after the search engine - How Stuff Works is a great site. But we do often include using search engines on ManyAnswers, cause the website is about helping students to find answers on the internet.
Lisa, AnyQuestions

Awesome girl!
Laura, Bayley road school

What is dogpile?
Dana, Arabic school

Hi Dana, thanks for your question! If you follow the link to Dogpile you will see a page a bit like Google where you can use the search bar to search the internet. We sometimes prefer to start with Dogpile because it takes results from multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo and Yandex) and puts them all together for us.
You could try searching for "newton 3rd law" in Dogpile and compare the results to a Google search to see what I mean :) All the best with your research!
Sargia, AnyQuestions

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