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Chinese Gold Miners (NZ)

06 Mar 2012

Our Subjects / Ā Mātou Kaupapa:
History, Society and culture

When did the Chinese gold miners come to New Zealand?

Level: Intermediate / Secondary

Te Ara : The Encyclopedia of New Zealand has excellent information on people who have immigrated to New Zealand. To find out more about Chinese immigrants try this pathway:

  1. Look for the section What's inside Te Ara on the homepage
  2. Click on New Zealand Peoples
  3. Click on Origins and Arrivals
  4. Click on History of Immigration
  5. Click on Miners

HOT TIP: For loads more info on Chinese immigrants go back to Home

  1. Click on New Zealand Peoples
  2. Click on Peoples
  3. Click on Chinese

Another interesting site to visit is the Lakes District Museum Education page.  

  1. Click on link at the end of the paragraph to the Education Programme
  2. Click on Students
  3. Click on Chinese Miners

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